Dudovec 32a
10090 Zagreb


Established in 1999, Vukovic&Runjic is a leading Croatian publisher specializing in distinguished contemporary fiction. We pride ourselves in having introduced the Croatian readers to some of the most prominent authors of the day: Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, Booker Prize winner A.S. Byatt, the acclaimed Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami and the late literary great W.G. Sebald.

With classic authors such as Marguerite Duras, cult favorites like Jeffrey Eugenides or the internationally appreciated fiction of Isabel Allende and Amélie Nothomb, we continue to fuse our commitment to literary excellence with popular appeal.

The output is small, but select: publishing only some fifteen titles a year, we have managed to maintain a high profile in literary circles. Concurrently, the distinctive graphic qualities of our books, high production standards and excellent translations have made a mark in the Croatian book trade.